Thursday, 7 July 2016

Halfway home

I've reached the halfway point with the inking of issue 1 of Business Cat, and am experiencing a strange mix of emotions, half happy, half sad.

Happy because I'm now halfway through a crucial step in the process of making issue 1, but sad because I feel as if it's a pointless exercise. This is my negative side speaking, l know, but it has been frustrating putting in a lot of hard work on social media as well as drawing for little rewards. I also know this is the petulant child in me that expects to be an overnight success. It's hard dealing with these emotions when I am so proud of what I have created with Business Cat. 

So what next? I carry on, that's what. I get issue 1 done and ready to print. If the Kickstarter doesn't hit its target, I'll set it rolling again. It will happen. PDF versions of the finished book will go out to a select few for review, with the hope that they will spread the word too. I want this project to work, and believe it has real value to those wanting to start their own business. 

Thanks for listening.

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